Retail Environment Experts

Environments With Emotion

STEIN has been a pioneer in creating retail branded environments since its inception in 1981. We have developed tools and procedures to assess and become immersed in the retail culture of our clients. This helps us to understand the myriad interconnected issues involved in the ultimate repositioning, rebranding and/or creation of a new branded environment. Key components of this holistic process include the following:

Experience Audit

Gaining a deep understanding of the nature of the customer experience before repositioning.

Ethnographic Assessment

Observation and recording of human behavior and interaction in the retail environment, leading to pre-design programming.

Programmatic Questionnaires

In-depth questionnaires to all levels of corporate and in-store operational personnel, to dig deeply and attain buy-in.

Psychographic Market Analysis

Utilizing consumer segmentation software, STEIN ascertains lifestyle, lifestage and social group data which help define target demographics, assist in location searches, and connect target buyers with desired markets.


High perceived brand value is in part an outgrowth of all brand touchpoints being in synch with one another. STEIN makes sure that brand identity and all brand touchpoints, from the web to the store signage to the in-store consumer experience, are speaking in one voice.

Environmental Graphic Design

The downsizing of America and the power and growth of the internet have conspired to change the way people shop. No one wants to be sold anything anymore; they want to be empowered to buy. STEIN ensures that their retail prototypes are intelligent and empowering, giving customers valuable top-line information influencing choice making and contributing to a predictable outcome for both the consumer and the retailer.

Virtual Imaging and 3D Walk-Through

STEIN utilizes state-of-the-art 3D modeling to take clients through a completed store design before the construction even begins. This valuable design tool is used throughout the design process to truly visualize the outcome.

Managing Projects (and Clients) Like We Own the Store

Retail design and construction have myriad variables, from schedules and budgets to contractors and inspectors, unforeseen site conditions to immovable grand opening dates. STEIN takes responsibility for managing the often unmanageable, and has done so with integrity and consistency for over a quarter-century.